Harvest execs surrender stock options for reprice, redistribution

Published February 4, 2020 | By Craig Behnke and Mike Regan Three key executives at Harvest Health & Recreation will surrender a total of 2.4 million stock options back to the company – without compensation – so the options can be redistributed to employees throughout the business. It’s a novel concept, but common equity holders will still be diluted. By taking this action, Chair Jason Vedadi, CEO Steve White and operational leader Joe Sai are Read More

Short and Long-Term Side-Effects & Treatment of Addiction

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Physical & Mental Effects, Signs of Abuse

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Aurora shifts to survival mode with CEO change, guide down on earnings and plan to attain positive EBITDA

Published February 6, 2020 | By Craig Behnke and Michael Regan It was a day of big moves for Canadian cannabis giant Aurora. The company announced: We believe it was part of a necessary move for survival. (Download a transcript of the conference call about these announcements here.) CEO experience shift Aurora Cannabis tapped Executive Chair Michael Singer to serve as interim CEO as the company launches its search for an experienced CPG executive to Read More